The Photograph and the Independent Games Festival

17 Oct

Last night I submitted The Photograph to the IGF.

This is the first time I’ve submitted something to the festival so I was a little nervous / skeptical at first. But after a bit of persuading from my loving, supportive lady, I made the jump and fired the binary over to sir Brandon Boyer and his mighty machine.

I filled out the forum. Made a video. Entered the FTP filled with other glorious projects. And I clicked send.

Then this feeling washed over me. This rush. Like little electric shocks all my body. It was wonderful. I felt that I finally truly did the game justice by putting it out there. By ushering it to the judgmental, yet respectful, eyes of other indies. The game has been available to download for a while, but I’ve never asked for it to be critiqued until now. And no matter which way it turns out, I know I’ll be happy because I did the game right by simply trying.

Now to see if there’s room for a short, depressing, introspective, point and click in the land of platformers and oh-my-god-what-the-fuck-is-happening-here’s. And I mean that with the utmost respect to everyone that’s entered / entering. It takes balls to put yourself out there. As game developers, we think, eat, shit, and bleed on our creations until we have the guts to let them go. It’s terrifying. And it’s freeing.

The Photograph is an older game of mine, one of my earliest independent titles. But also one that I’m very proud of. In 48 hours I was able to craft a game that represented something to me. That told a story I wanted to tell. And that conveyed it’s ideas through simple mechanics and exploration. If you want to try it out, you can grab it off my Games section.

Fingers crossed. And high fives to everyone.

The shape of games to come.

6 Apr

Something is brewing here.