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Tattoo Artist - BW


Sugar Beard is a cosmetics manufacturer in the uk that started in an unlikely way with a very random series of events. Co-founders Tom and Rory are part of the biggest beard club in the world; 'Bearded Villains'. Rory is part of 'Southwest kingsman' chapter and Tom is the lieutenant of Bearded Villains in the Welsh Chapter.


Early in 2018 the south west of England region were having a meet up in Exeter (UK) and although we had not met each other at this point, the Brotherhood is very trusted and a tightknit group, as such Rory offered Tom a bed at his place for the night as Tom decided to attend at the very last minute.


A big part of being a Bearded villain is doing charity work, so when we became established as Sugar Beard, we wanted this to be part of our company ethos too.


Sugar Beard began their journey at that Exeter meet up as Rory commented on how great Toms Beard balm smelled and wanted to get some. Tom explained that he had never been able to find a balm that had great hold and a great scent, so after trying circa 30 different brands and fancying himself as a bit of an engineer Tom decided to make his own knowing exactly what he wanted it to do and how I wanted it to smell. After some trial and error in the kitchen, Tom felt he had the perfect formula and simply made his own batches. After explaining this to Rory, he was keen that they put their ideas together and he came up with name "Sugar Beard". They then started making it for the general public and after a successful growth period over 3 years,


Sugar Beard now own their own bespoke head quarters consisting of a store, barbershop and tattoo studio.



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