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Beardcare Tips

Oil Application

Our oil has been designed from the ground up using the finest ingredients to keep your beard healthy & hydrated. Oiling your beard is a key factor in maintaining a healthy beard care routine. Our bottle design comes complete with Pipette so you can apply oil deep into your beard ensuring your skin benefits from its moisturising properties. Beard itch starts at the root, and a great oil will combat this ensuring dry skin is just a distant memory. Our tips for application give complete Beard coverage; Use the Pipette to get oil deep into the beard and onto your face, massaging in with your fingers. With the residual oil, coat the outer beard, "training"/styling your beard to your preference. Depending on the length/thickness of your beard will dictate how much Oil you will want to use. In addition, how often you oil is also down to personal preference/skin type. We find oiling before bed will allow our unique formula to work its magic while you sleep. This is a great way to take care of your beard after whatever the day has thrown at you and aid styling for the following day ahead.


Why washes are important

How you wash, How often you wash and; What you use are critical to keeping beard itch at bay and having a genuinely healthy beard. Over washing will strip your beard and face of its natural oils. In addition some lathering agents have horrific ingredients (keep an eye out for SLS in your products - this is toxic but shockingly common) Our wash products use natural ingredients for your safety and to ensure that your body and beard are nourished and conditioned, not stripped of goodness.  


The importance of a good routine

Like with most things, a routine is important. Keeping on top of your beard/self care should be a priority. If recent events have taught us anything, Grooming and keeping on top of your appearance is great for your mental health and self pride. We are unfortunate enough to have lived through a lockdown, this meant barber shops had to close shutters and we were left to fend for ourselves. From speaking with many of you during the various lockdowns, we have beard sculpting experts in our mist. Only when our typical routine of seeing our barbers/hairdressers was taken away did we see how important Grooming was to our daily lives. Little solace was found in the fact that we were all in the same boat. That being referenced, the same can be said with all elements of your selfcare routine. You consistent nourishment is a vital part of any care routine. We have the tools, you need to bring the consistency to life. To help with this we will soon launch subscriptions to keep you stocked up and smelling sweet.   


Balm Application

Beard Balm is where our company started its  journey. Our Balm is not a white label product - It has been developed to give unparalleled hold whilst in keeping with our brand ethos; keep you smelling sweet all day. As the balm gives such great hold in addition to its hair care properties, its correct application is key to a killer style. As with oil, the amount you use will depend on your beard length/thickness, however a little does go a long way. The 1st thing to ensure is that your beard is completely dry - any moisture/water beads can react with the properties of the balm and create lumps. Scrape the desired amount of balm out of the tin using; the back of your nail, a coin, guitar pick or edge of your comb to name a few suggestions. Place the "Balm shaving" in one of your palms and rub with your other palm until fully melted - this typically takes between 10/15 seconds (important to note that your palms should be used. Try to avoid using your fingers as the balm can become "Bitty" and nobody wants that). Once melted, the balm shaving will now be a clear substance that should  be immediately worked into your beard, styling as you go. Once in your beard it will cool and set quickly giving you shape & scent all day. You can rework to suit you by warming your palms and "dry styling" if needed throughout the day. popular male grooming beard care products


What makes a good product

our core ingredients make Sugarbeard the product that it is... the real key is the balance of quality raw materials and their ratios. Our ingredients are no secret, but the ratios make the consistencies what they are. Our Balms & Oils are specifically designed to not be greasy. These are daily products you need to live with so they need to be practical and work for you in the real world. Our other key consideration which is imperative for our Beard washes is that there are no nasty chemicals typically found in foaming agents. Your beard and skin in general has its own natural oil, although ours "Sugarcoats" our products are designed to limit the removal of your natural oil and not dry out your skin and hair. The more natural a product, the better it is for you in general.we aim to be one of the best male 

cosmetics manufacturer in the uk 


Butter Vs Balm

The question literally on the upper lips of the Beard nation... This goes down to personal preference. Both are absolutely legitimate products and do not need to be mutually exclusive. Both products nourish your face and beard. The difference will be in the hold. Butter will be easier to work with and work into the beard, however a butter cannot match the hold of a balm. On an Eco note; Our balms use bees wax and are our only product that is not vegan. We have experimented with bees wax alternatives, however these either have an unpleasant undertone or do not hold as well... so 1-0 to the bees (we should leave the wax to the experts). Butters on the market will typically be vegan and when we launch ours, this will be the case... #EASTEREGG

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